Ballast Water Treatment System BWTS



GLINAR as a Sole Agent of STX provide projecting, installing and maintenance of Ballast Water Treatment System BWTS.


Smart ballast is one-step treatment system that needs only sterilizer for disinfection without filter.

Active substances, which is an electrolysis activator does not cause any problems at all since it is completely neutralized by counteragent during the de-ballasting.

Automated neutralizing machine can save time cost and makes an efficient operation. This is because we produce a large amount of neutralization fluids within very short time.

Disinfection ability of Smart ballast is already proven. And also It has low system operation cost because of low power consumption.

Moreover, all system facilities are able to manual operation. It makes easy to repair and maintain when problem comes up.

STX has fully enough experiences of marine & offshore industry and we are able to offer BWMS consulting and installation of retrofit vessel and new vessel as well.

Smart ballast was granted approval of IMO, type approval of government is expected to receive soon.

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